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Boosting Creativity in People Managers

Bluebrick Consulting is pleased to be working with Creative Knowledge in running workshops to Boost Creativity in People Managers.

Creativity and Innovation are essential skill sets in business, particularly in the current climate, as this is often where business growth, development and regeneration come from. Managers not only need be able to demonstrate these skills themselves but are also challenged in supporting and nurturing these skills in the teams that they manage. This can be tough when there is so much focus on the bottom line.

Bluebrick Consulting works with clients to encourage and develop these skills in people managers. The sessions have been hugely enlightening and beneficial for participants and have been run as stand alone workshops and as part of longer leadership/management development programmes.

“Clients want to focus on extending the creativity of their managers as it is very often a core competency, particularly in the Luxury Sector” says Carrie FitzGerald. “Clients often seek to address this skill area as part of a management development programme. However, we have also found that clients are asking for short workshops to energise people managers’ thinking and boost their creativity.”

The workshops seek to tap into the innate creativity of managers and various warm up exercises are run to encourage freedom of creative expression. Company themes are then selected, following consultation with the client organisation, and the managers work in groups to visually represent their thoughts, ideas and proposals.

The process of painting together enables participants to demonstrate and experience effective team working in a fun, unusual way in real time. They are not just extending their creativity and innovation. They are required to demonstrate many core management skills throughout the process: planning, visioning, consultation, negotiation, decision making, time management to name but a few.

These workshops have proved to be a very powerful learning and development intervention. When they are focussed on Company themes, challenges and “hot topics” they can be highly effective in creating new possibilities for the client organisation.