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Using Shakespeare to Develop Leadership

The latest addition to Bluebrick Consulting’s range of learning and development programmes, Leadership – Shakespeare Style, takes a coaching-based, leadership-focused evening of activities and gives it a Shakespearean twist, with an easy-going, ‘Shakes-fear’-diffusing exploration of the Bard’s famous Agincourt speech, delivered by Henry V to an outnumbered army on the eve of a crucial battle.

An inspiring leader, Henry rallies his troops to a triumphant victory against all odds, yet beyond the iambic pentameter and Shakespearean poetry of 1599, emerge leadership skills which transcend the confines of a victorious monarch’s rhetoric. The Agincourt speech provides simple, yet important learning points on what makes a leader an effective one.

Bluebrick’s long-standing partnership with professionally trained actors for skills practices and Forum Theatre has always formed an integral part of our approach to leadership development and on this programme our actors – through their expert command of Shakespeare’s work – take delegates on a unique journey, to find out how this classical text still resonates in modern times and in various settings – not least the workplace.

A half day workshop animated with games, exercises and group discussions, Leadership – Shakespeare Style is a creative, enjoyable way to approach time-honoured leadership fundamentals in a safe, relaxed environment.

Pictured below are Bluebrick’s actors Kate Kordel and Doron Davidson, together with delegates at one of our recent “Shakesperiences”.

For more information on our Leadership – Shakespeare Style programme, please contact info@bluebrick.consulting.