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Leadership Development

Bluebrick Consulting works with clients to design and deliver bespoke leadership development programmes to maximise their leadership and people management capability. These programmes are designed for leaders of all levels within the organisation from emerging leaders to the Executive Leadership team.

At Bluebrick we believe that excellent leadership and good people management skills make a significant contribution to business success. We spend a lot of our time assisting client organisations in developing these skills in their current and potential leaders. Leadership programmes are typically run on a modular basis with leaders being taken out of the business at different intervals to focus on specific leadership and people management topics. Work assignments assist leaders in preparing for the forthcoming module and assist the transfer of learning afterwards. Carefully tailored out-of-classroom activities enable participants to be exposed to different experiences and perspectives and to open up their thinking.

Typical areas explored in these programmes include:

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Inspirational People Management
  • Coaching for Success
  • Managing Teams Towards Higher Performance
  • Leading through a Challenging Context

Programmes will often use a psychometric (i.e. MBTI, FiroB) or 360 feedback instrument to assist the participants in extending their self awareness and learning.

Bluebrick Consulting is pleased to be partnering with International Rugby Legend Sean Fitzpatrick in applying the principles of sport to business in the Leadership Development arena. The Balls 2 Business solution is designed as a senior leadership programme and uses Sean’s experience of leading the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team to make parallels between the sporting environment and the business environment. Contact us for more details of this particular approach.