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Executive Coaching

Bluebrick Consulting delivers one-to-one coaching for business executives in client organisations who wish to work on individual learning and development goals. Executive Coaching provides time to think, shape and grow and is a process to support executives in achieving their goals, both personal and professional. It is aimed at executives who require one-to-one coaching support in developing their performance and potential.
The coaching themes vary but typically will revolve around: leadership skills development; transition into new role/culture/context; cross cultural challenges; relationship management; managing energy. The main focus is on maximising leaders’ performance at work. A pragmatic, solutions-focused and goal-orientated approach supports the coaching client to reflect and plan what they can do, think and feel differently in order to be a “better version of themselves”. Executive Coaching concentrates on:

  • Setting and achieving specific outcomes unique to the individual – these could be wide ranging and might include specific leadership skills, behavioural or attitudinal changes
  • Creating an action plan with the individual and supporting the plan
  • Clearing the blocks by assisting the client to reflect on beliefs, values and capabilities
  • Experimenting with new models and techniques in a safe environment
  • Reviewing and reinforcing successes
  • Ensuring the most stretching objectives are met

Coaching contracts are flexible and each one is set up to meet the specific needs of the client.